My Kids are Eating Healthier — For FREE. Parents, Check This Out!

My Kids are Eating Healthier — For FREE. Parents, Check This Out!

Parenting is all about choosing your battles. This morning my 4-year old daughter may or may not have taken her socks off and then stuck her bare feet back in her rain boots and headed to school. Is it ideal? No. Is it going to affect her long-term well-being? Doubtful. As my kids get older, I worry more and more about the things that will, though. A big one is their diet. Food that’s marketed for children is generally terrible for them, so it’s a constant challenge to find a happy medium.

Don’t do it, kid!

As a mom, I’m trying to promote healthy eating habits, even when we go out. I like to give us healthier choices that are still delicious and fun. A recent study analyzed 3,500 kids meals from 41 top chain restaurants, and only 3% met the standards provided by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Fifty percent of the meals had more than 600 calories! Way too much for one kids’ meal.

Bright freshness on the Gezzo’s line!

With  Gezzo’s menu focused on flavor and freshness, there’s always something your kids will love that will provide real nutrition, not just fill them up on junk. Would I rather my kids eat processed nuggets and salty, greasy fries, or a quesadilla with real meat, some spinach, cheese, and black olives (all of which my kids love!) I want them to have a taste for fresh salsa, and know how good guacamole is instead of turning their noses up at anything green. I want them to know how healthy black beans are for them. I want them to know that bright, fresh, colorful foods are great for their little bodies and minds.


Fun food!

Think your kids won’t give healthy foods a chance? Well, think again! Children follow our leads and are more open to trying new things when they are exposed to them consistently. If they are only offered processed foods like hot dogs and fries and burgers, of course they will think all these fresh veggies and flavors are ‘icky’. It might take a little time, but making healthy options the norm will encourage your kids to choose and enjoy a healthy snack or meal.

Childhood obesity has tripled since 1980. Seventy percent of overweight adolescents end up overweight or obese in adulthood. There are so many health risks associated with obesity including heart attacks and stroke. If supporting healthy tastes in my kids now can help prevent them from facing those threats unnecessarily, then why wouldn’t I?

While Gezzo’s crew IS health-conscious, they’re not crazy! The kids still get one cookie. 🙂

Don’t be overwhelmed by making huge changes all at once. Any step you make toward better choices for your kids is a major win! Next time you’re planning to take the kids out to eat, give them a chance for some freshness. Tuesdays are a great night to try it out, since Gezzo’s offers free kids’ meals (one per adult meal). You can find more info about our fresh ingredients and mission to make you feel FULL BUT GOOD on the new  Gezzo’s website.

What are your kids’ favorite healthy foods?

Kids eat a free meal on Tuesday nights at Gezzo’s! One per adult meal purchased.