Gold’s Gym Manager Gets Behind Gezzo’s!

We’ve loved seeing so many guests come in and make healthy choices with us recently! It’s also been a lot of fun talking to fitness experts in our community that agree that when you need good, fresh food on the go, that Gezzo’s is a prime option. We sat down with Erica Ganes, the General Manager of our local Gold’s Gym, to ask why she promotes Gezzo’s food. “It’s one of my favorites,” says Erica. “It’s a way to get the things we need to refuel – especially protein, healthy carbs like veggies and beans. Our muscles need protein to recover after a workout, so it’s a very important thing to watch when you’re keeping track of your eating. Gezzo’s healthy campaign showing the different combinations makes it even easier to start to practice good habits even when eating out.”


Gezzo’s grills up fresh chicken every morning!

We asked Erica what her favorite healthy order at Gezzo’s would be. “I think the bowls let you get the most good stuff in! Gotta start with chicken- remember those proteins. Spinach is a good choice too. Broccoli, salsa, cilantro, all those toppings add the flavor that keeps our tastebuds happy while not adding anything that’s bad for us.”

Erica with her healthy chicken and veggie bowl at our McDonough location.

Erica with her healthy chicken and veggie bowl

If you’re just starting out trying to implement a health and workout plan, don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s okay to start small. Healthy eating is foundation of overall well-being, so use your food as fuel, and eat things that make you feel good, full, and happy! Once you get that part going, you’ll be much more motivated to make even more steps in the right direction.

Grilled Chicken Salad – another healthy option!

Another awesome reminder — Gold’s gym members get 10% off their meals at both Gezzo’s locations! (with your Gold’s Gym member ID). Need more support getting started on an exercise plan? Go see Erica and her team at Gold’s Gym (there’s one in McDonough, and another off Eagle’s Landing Parkway in Stockbridge) and get started. Right now if you mention Gezzo’s, you can get a free two-week trial membership! (This is a limited time offer, so call them and get going!)

Happy and Healthy New Year!