Surf Pages, Eat Tacos.

Surf Pages, Eat Tacos.

Hello Friends!

We at Gezzo’s love to escape – to the beach, or to the West Coast. We do that with our food and fresh ingredients, of course, but there is definitely other ways to make it wherever you want to go without leaving our beloved Henry County – by reading!

Gezzo's Kid's Meal
Gezzo’s offers great kid’s meals that come with chips, a small drink, and a cookie.

Henry County has a fantastic library system, and Gezzo’s has been excited to talk to both the McDonough Public Library and the Locust Grove Public Library and find out that both of them have a great summer reading program for the kids! There are a lot of great prizes for participation, including bookmarks and coupon for free Gezzo’s Kid’s Meals at the McDonough location, or plenty of Gezzo’s delicious homemade chips and salsas for the end-of-summer bash at the Locust Grove location. What’s even better than any of the prizes, however, is a child learning to love to read and become involved in a good story. It exercises creativity, and keeps their brain working during these summer months.

Besides, how else is a child going to experience the wonderful smell of opening a book in their hands unless they go to the library? No one has come out with a smellable-kindle quite yet.

Food Truck
Food Trucks are the perfect catering solution for all of your summer events!

So make sure you sign your kids up for these great programs! Sign ups will start around June 1st. You can find out more details about the McDonough Public Library or the Locust Grove Public Library here.

Remember, if you want to be able to escape to the West Coast during any of your summer events or parties, Gezzo’s also offers food trucks and catering that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy!