Vote on your New Gezzo’s Special!

Vote on your New Gezzo’s Special!

Head on over to our facebook or instagram pages to vote for our new special at Gezzo’s! Our winner will be announced April 10th, and will roll out shortly after.

We have four great choices!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Burritos – if they win, you can look forward to seeing bacon as an add on to any of your favorite Gezzo’s dishes!

Cuban Pulled Pork Tacos – if they win, you’ll be able to put Sweet Auburn Barbecue’s seasoned pulled pork on any of your Gezzo’s dishes.

Grilled Portobello Tacos – a great vegetarian option! Seasoned portobello would be a delicious way to eat healthy!

Smoked Brisket Burritos – add smoked brisket from Sweet Auburn Barbecue to any of your Gezzo’s entrees!

Remember to head on over to our social media pages to vote for your favorite choice on our March  Madness posts!